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Krusty Krew Member Profile – Steve Chorney

By on December 21, 2010 in Profiles, The Krew with 8 Comments

Steve Chorney, a man ahead of his time.

Name: Steve Chorney

Forum Handle: Cadmandu

Location: Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.. Brrrrr


How did I get here.. with this crazy bunch of great of talented krew members? I started back in
Vancouver in the early 80’s, yes I am aging myself here, by enrolling in a Mechanical/Architectural
drafting certification program. Little did I know I would be thrown into piping field on graduation with a
job offer in Edmonton. From that moment on I have been involved in process piping and plant design
for the oil industry.

I have worked for numerous engineering companies throughout Alberta, both in Edmonton and Calgary
always working on plant design and usually involving work for Oil Sands technology projects.

I spent a few years working strictly for fabrication shops doing design and layouts on skidded units. This
was an eye opener, nothing like a welder coming in from the shop and asking you if you were serious on
your layout. Every designer should have that experience. I was lucky to get involved in pressure vessel
design, something I loved to do. The calculations , codes and requests to the boilers boards and seeing
these huge pressure vessels getting trucked out of the yard and knowing I had designed it was greatly

Somewhere in my fab shop experience I saw an opportunity to learn cad, I jumped on it right away, I had a feeling that manual drafting would be replaced by cad and I was right. I started learning AutoCAD at SAIT back in 1986/87 AutoCAD Ver 2 and it has been a never ending whirlwind of learning since then. Any course I could get my hands on I devoured and eventually it paid off.

In 1989 I was offered a position up in Ft. McMurray with Suncor to be their Cad Specialist in charge of
training, development, support, standards, and anything that had to do with cad. I spent nine great
years working for them developing myself and my skills. This was where I was introduced to 3D piping
with Rebis and Bentley. I was hooked right then and there…. This was the future and I wanted to learn
as much as possible but we were not doing the work, the consultants were…… so big decision, time to
move on and broaden my skills.

1998 and I was moved to Calgary to join Bantrel working for their Cad Support group as a Cad
Coordinator on major projects and guess who the major projects are for.. Suncor.. lol. Nine fantastic
years working there…… learning and developing more with software and plant design knowledge.
Bentley AutoPlant support and training was my life… back then.. I think throughout the years I have
trained more than a few hundred designers in AutoPlant and AutoCAD. Sometime near the end of my
work there I stumbled across while doing a search on the internet for support problems
I was having with AutoPlant.. And man was I glad I did. There was very little support material out there
from Bentley at that time but here was a group of people sharing knowledge that was available to all.
Saved me many a time and appreciated. The support and advice from people all around the globe was
instrumental in learning and feeling comfortable with the software.

2007 and I was offered a position at Fluor to be a Design Application Specialist looking after their new
Fort Hills project with Petro-Canada, how could I say no…. as they were just in the learning stages of
AutoPlant.. Their first big project…. Little did I know within the year Petro-Canada would pull the project
and shelve it. What to do now… ?? Well they meant to keep me busy and had another AutoPlant project on the go .. yes you guessed it Suncor…lol… a small project they needed managed where they were doing the electrical in AutoPlant. Time to look around and see what was out there for more interesting work…

2008 – Perth, Australia …… ya your reading that right.. :o) WorleyParsons Australia made me an offer
I could not refuse.. pack up and move myself and wife, Jill to a warmer climate and join their Design
Systems group and help them out with support for their AutoPlant projects. Who would say no? So pack up we did.. sell the house, sell the cars .. and all the junk collected over the years.. put what we had left into a 40’ shipping container and off that went by ship while off we went by plane. What an experience, what a great time.. almost coming up to 1 year there of my 4 year contract and then bang.. ….recession hit.. yes even down there… 3 months charging to overhead and yes I was told they were sending us back.. So long story .. short sent back,… no work here.. unemployed for 1 year.

2010 WorleyParsons here in Calgary makes me an offer to join them.. thank you WP. And thank the
economy for picking up.. Then I am approached by a small growing company to join them and look after
all of their drafting needs, standards, hiring, etc. Filterboxx is the name of the company and for the first
time I am working not on Oil but on taking wastewater and turning it into drinking water. Something I
can say that I am proud to be part of. has been a lifesaver more times than I can count…… there is vast knowledge among
individuals from around the world that can talk freely and openly about problems and solutions. Thank
you Dave for creating this site and thank you to all my friends I have met on here that I have helped or
have helped me out.

Steve’s LinkedIn



AutoCAD 3D Plant
Autoplant Piping
Autoplant Raceways
Autoplant PIW
Autoplant Structural Steel

AutoPlant Navigator
Navisworks Review
Navisworks Manage

After Work/Hobbies/etc:

Do I tell here…… I am a Halloween buff , yes in my spare time I make pneumatic animated props and full
life size static props that scare the S#*^ out of kids and adults alike every year. I usually start designing
and building back in June for what I put on in October. My yard is one scary place that brings kids and
adults around from miles. Mooo hahahahaha

Something a lot people don’t know about me…I used to do off road rally racing when I was a bit younger
and competed in many events throughout Canada.

I love to travel and am a big history buff about anywhere I am visiting and never far from a camera.

About the Author

About the Author: Hi! I am currently an Autodesk Solutions Engineer working to deliver real time solutions to our Enterprise customers. I have been involved with industrial design software for nearly 15 years and am a 3DS Max Professional who is passionate about design visualization. .


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There Are 8 Brilliant Comments

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  1. kfauver says:

    Very good profile Steve

  2. Brilliant! Steve, anyone who loves monsters is a mate of mine! :o) Thanks or all your help over the years, and for all the help I’m sure I’m gonna need in the future!

    And anyway, Canada needs you more than Oz!! Stay here, will you? :o)

  3. tkmashl says:

    Great to find out more about ya Steve! Great profile!

  4. dave says:

    I have known Steve for a lot of years and am happy to have him as one of the Krew. I did not know that he was a Halloween buff though! I would love to see some more of that stuff Steve, got any links for us?

  5. Jedi says:

    Steve is top notch and very professional. I owe lots of my sucess to Steves teachings. Steve is an asset to any company, but he is unreplaceable to the krew.

  6. Very good profile Steve

  7. rchiasson says:

    Great guy with incredible humor and an incredible asset to our community. Hopefully we will all make it to the next gathering to share in laughs and spirits!

  8. smartman says:

    @Steve is Doug Chorney related to you?

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