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Krusty Krew Member Profile – Aaron Werning

By on January 18, 2011 in Featured, Profiles, The Krew with 6 Comments

Aaron Werning

Anchorage Alaska

Forum Handle:

I drove to Alaska in 1998 when I was just 19 yrs old. All I came with was what could fit in the back of my car. When I arrived I sent out resumes to all the local engineering firms to hire on as a drafter because I loved to work with AutoCAD in school. Little did I know that this would lead me to where I am today. I hired on with Anvil Corporation and within a year volunteered to be the “CAD Coordinator” for our office. I was doing this on top of my full time piping design duties. Due to the price of oil dropping around that time, I was fast tracked into full fledged design duties as well as training others how to use the 3D modeling software at that time (AutoPLANT Designer on AutoCAD r13).

2001 – I was given a weekly budget to focus on CAD Admin duties and was sent to the Bellingham WA office to train under Joel Harris (’s very own “zortar”). Joel was the last of a group of individuals that worked at Anvil that had the opportunity to interact with, and do some pretty major software development for Rebis AutoPLANT. Because of this, he had an extensive knowledge of the programming structure of AutoPLANT. In 8 weeks he gave me a brain dump and I absorbed what I could so that I could bring it back to our office in Alaska. His knowledge of CAD Admin is unsurpassed and he is still my mentor to this day as he has had a hand in most everything I know and\or has given me the foundations of programming\problem solving that I use today.

2006 – I was longing for an opportunity to be a CAD Admin only. I was offered a position at another local firm in Anchorage, NANA WorleyParsons. At that time I was working under Scott Turner (also a DT member, now working for Bentley) as an EDS (engineering design systems) tech. I was able to contribute a lot of what I had already learned at my past job to what Scott had already set up. Scott eventually took the position with Bentley and within 3 years I was moved into the EDS Lead position.

2009 – I had heard the name “Dave Tyner” rolling around from admin to admin for years and had even visited once or twice. But never realized what I was missing until one day when I decided to sign up and realized that Joel Harris as well as Brian Lister (a co-worker from one of our Canadian WorleyParsons offices) were already members. Not only that, but I kept hearing mention of the “Krusty Krew” where they had forged strong friendships and gleaned great amounts of knowledge from other experts. You can imagine how honored I felt when THE Dave Tyner sent me an email saying that Brian and Joel had nominated me to be in the Krew. I can only hope that I have helped others as much as they have helped me. What an honor and a blessing as it has lead to the recent Autodesk and ProjectX work that has been a BLAST to be a part of.

Recently they combined our EDS department with the IT department and I am currently performing the duties of IT/EDS manager at NANA WorleyParsons where we are just starting to dive into the world of PDMS as offshore drilling prospects in Alaska are starting to come to light in the next 3-5 years. I am lucky to have found as I know there is extensive knowledge\experts available for all types of 3D modeling software including PDMS. I look forward to seeing you in there!

AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Plant 3D
AutoPLANT 3D (Piping\Structural\Raceway)
Bentley ProjectWise Navigator
Raster Design
Visual Studio .NET

After work:
I love going home to my beautiful bride. We love to do youth work at our church and hang out with them being “just one of the kids.” We have no kids of our own, only a crazy dog. I get into the latest tech as far as computers and gaming goes. Growing up I have always had a fascination with radio controlled planes. Never did get them to fly right when I was young, so now that I am older I got into Helicopters. Flew my first one for 4 seasons (with loops and rolls and most other basic stunts) before I had my first crash! Just this last year I got into brewing beer. I have made maybe 8-10 batches so far and built myself a 3 tap kegarator out of an old chest freezer. In all of these things, my wife has been so kind to not only tolerate them, but to encourage me with them. She makes it easy to enjoy my time outside of work.

Dave Edit: Aaron is a pretty amazing guy as well as amazing piper. On the latter, I didn’t really know what to expect when we started divvying out assignments for Project X. Joel Harris suggested that we give one of the biggest areas (Area 6) to Aaron.

We (wisely) went with Joel’s advice and Aaron got Area 6. Little did I know at the time that Aaron would not only build out his area more than anyone else but he also posted about 75 posts about what he found. These weren’t one or two sentence posts but paragraphs about what he found was good and what could be improved. Here are two pages…there is another but I was too lazy to post it. 😛

We were floored when we saw what he was producing. As I said before, I knew he was good but he gained massive respect from everyone involved in the project and definitely took a leadership role in the Krew. In addition to being a piper he is also a CAD administrator and now the IT Manager of Nana Worley Parsons Anchorage. Thanks for being awesome Aaron!!

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About the Author

About the Author: Hi! I am currently an Autodesk Solutions Engineer working to deliver real time solutions to our Enterprise customers. I have been involved with industrial design software for nearly 15 years and am a 3DS Max Professional who is passionate about design visualization. .


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There Are 6 Brilliant Comments

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  1. APlant Monkey says:

    Aaron… what a studdly Picture dude. Mr. Alaska. It was my pleasure to recommend you as a Krew member. Your knowledge surpasses most, and you are always ready to lend a helping hand. I miss our communicator talks and your phone calls to make sure I truly did understand what you had told me. ;D

  2. kfauver says:


    It has truely been a pleasure to know you and finally meet you this past October. Look forward to continuing the friendly banter in KK.

  3. Zortar says:

    I have a few professional accomplishments that I am very proud of, and working with you as you’ve come into your own is definitely one of them. I think that the student is now the teacher, eh? Anyways, great profile and congratulations!

  4. Shihan Jedi says:

    You are a rock solid member of the KK and a leader in techno code babble!

    Rock on Mr Alaska!

  5. yomama says:

    Good Profile Aaron and nice pic. Very John Travolta esque. Quite a voyage you have been on. Nice to see you becoming part of the PDMS contingent now. Hopefully I can help you out along the way as you have helped so many out as well.

  6. rchiasson says:

    Great pimp pic. Was great meeting you in October. Thanks for all the help and keep coding till the world is yours.

    All your code are belong to us.

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