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Krusty Krew Member Profile – Brad Bennett

By on February 22, 2011 in Featured, Profiles, The Krew with 7 Comments

Name: Brad Bennett

Location: Madisonville, TN

Forum Handle: Yo-mama

Training / Back-story:
Some may say I was predisposed to a lengthy and rewarding life in engineering due to my dad. He is a long time PDS piper and was one of the first in the Southeast to get trained in it. I can remember visiting his office back in the day and seeing the room full of drafting tables and the couple computer stations and thinking how magical and rewarding that career must be. So I accepted my hereditary career path and took drafting in high school and proceeded to go to a local technical school to fulfill my life’s mission of being a CAD operator. Although being counseled along the way by my father that this may not be the best decision I had ever made. I, being the bright lad that I am, decided he just wanted the glory of being the sole Bennett in this prestigious field. I was able to finish my degree in 18 months while working about 50 hours a week delivering automotive body shop supplies and going to school from 6-10 Monday through Friday with a pregnant wife the last 8 months of my college stay. I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone unless you want to see if your marriage has staying power and see if you can keep from killing random people for no good reason.

Eire Brad, Eire


After getting out of college I tried my hand in the field starting off as an Architectural drafter working as a log home drafter spending long hours doing copies in the attic of a log home with one small window reeking of ammonia, or at least I think that really happened maybe it was just me and the ammonia… either way I digress. From there I moved onto a family owned Civil/Structural firm where I tried my hand at surveying and civil design. It was my first foray into a 3 dimensional environment and it opened up my mind to what could be achieved in a CAD system. I found myself doing the lion’s share of the surveying and really enjoyed that mix of field work and office work. I toyed around with getting a RLS certification and branching off but came to the realization that it would require more school work and enjoyed spending time with my family too much to go through another lengthy college stint. From there I made my way to a similar company with some of my coworkers from the first job before changing over to a company with my step mom as a Mechanical designer. I was to be working on some TVA work that was guaranteed to be coming. Well just as luck would have it that work never materialized and I found myself unemployed after a month of working there. While attempting for many months to try and find something in my small wheel house I also asked my dad to fish around my resume. It found its way to the Structural Engineering manager at Alstom Power. He pitched me to the Structural Design manager as a possible 3d guy and figured if it didn’t work out he could just fire me. So I came onboard with a 90 day assignment as a contractor. That turned into a direct position inside of the Structural Design group where I took care of the majority of the 3d modeling as they didn’t have many experienced 3d guys. That slowly led into doing software support for the group and then leading to the engineering group as well. There wasn’t an internal software support group for engineering so there was much to do for the behind the scenes type stuff.

Brad worked on the Coleto Creek Power Plant project

Slowly over the next 3 years that became more and more of my focus before I finally was placed into what is now a 7 person Engineering Systems group that supports all the engineering tools that we have in place. I work currently with Data Wrangler and Grinch here at Alstom. So my 90 day contractors position has turned into a now almost 7 year direct position that has afforded me so many opportunities and benefits. I have been the lead on the configuration and deployment of our new Structural design tool for one of Alstom’s divisions worldwide. It has helped me get to see a lot of the world that I never thought possible. I’ve got to go to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy as well as numerous places around the US. I’ve also got to be trained and configure a multitude of design tools and get a feel for each of them and there strong points.

About the Author

About the Author: Hi! I am currently an Autodesk Solutions Engineer working to deliver real time solutions to our Enterprise customers. I have been involved with industrial design software for nearly 15 years and am a 3DS Max Professional who is passionate about design visualization. .


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There Are 7 Brilliant Comments

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  1. dave says:

    Brad is quite possibly the funniest dude in the Krew, and given the company he’s in…that’s saying something. Not only is Brad funny but the guy is a whiz bang structural designer as well. Brad did a great job on his part of the structural work for Project X and we are lucky to have him on board! Thanks Brad, great profile!

  2. APlant Monkey says:

    B-RADLEE has recently been succeeded as the NooB in the Krew. Brad is one fantastic dude that can model his way around in Steel like no one’s business. Great getting to know you over the past 6 months. Great work on Project X as DT has indicated. Looking forward to many more projects, just don’t leave your “Out of Office” notice on any more!!

    • chad says:

      I’ll be out of the office from 2/21/2010 and will return on… That is awesome! I’m glad that i actually work in the same office with Brad. He really changes the mood in the office. As dave and APlantMonkey said he is a real whiz at structural. Glad to know you and hope to work with you many more years.

  3. Brian Christian says:

    Good Bio Brad. You have always been a stand up guy. Dang, I can’t believe it has already been seven years. You started there a month before me. I guess not being there makes me forget…Keep it going and I am sure our paths will cross again.

  4. tkmashl says:

    Great to find out more about ya B-rad! Great Bio! =)It been awesome getting to know you thru the DT site.


  5. Plant Salad says:

    Been great getting to know you and being part of the Krew with you! Grats on reaching over 100 posts and no longer the resident n00b all within a month! *and there was much rejoicing*

  6. BRAD!! Glad you’re one of us!! :o) As TKM and Plant Salad say, it’s been good getting to know you!!


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