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The Million Dollar Pick?

By on March 20, 2014 in Cool Stuff, Featured, News with 2 Comments

A good friend of mine over at Intergraph directed me to this video of constuction crews at Votgle picking one of the modules for CBI/Westinghouse’s AP1000 modular nuclear power plant. The module is called “CA20” and it just so happens I did quite a few of the internal visualization projects on the CB&I side during it’s construction.

“…the CA20 weighs more than 1,100 tons and is 67 feet long by 47 feet wide.”

That’s 1,100 x 2,000 people…2.2 MILLION POUNDS!!
My friend (who will remain nameless) had this to say about it:

“Judging by the sun in the video, the pick was probably a 12-16 hour effort to set into full night. Cost wise looking at the amount of labor constantly moving on and off the platform your talking at least half a million+. I am sure their where many company executives from Southern , WEC (Westinghouse) and CB&I who all flew in on company jets, rented black SUV’s with entourages. The dinner bill alone probably brought the cost up another half million.”

As those of you who ever designed something, and then watched as your designs go through every phase of fabrication. There is an overwhelming feeling of pride, accomplishment, and finality when you actually see it dropped into its final resting place. Hey, maybe all of those late nights, heated debates, and endless client-driven changes was actually worth it…maybe. 😀

CA20 under construction

CA20 under construction

CA20 scale in relation to facility

CA20 scale in relation to facility

CA20 3D render

CA20 3D render

The crane they used to pick it is one of the largest cranes in the world, the Biggie 125D AFRD.
To give you an idea of the scale of the pick. It’s about this big.

Biggie125D AFRD

Biggie125D AFRD

Article: Lifting 1,100 Tons

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  1. hi dave – great work on your site.
    I had a go at doing a mining animation here if interested
    where do you find the cool music to amp up the animations?

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