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View your SmartPLANT VUE files in Navisworks Manage 2015 and 2016


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


So it’s 10:37AM you’re sitting there trying to review a model in SmartPLANT Review.
“Hi Joel, can you please take a look at clash #100487? It’s not major or anything, should take you less than an hour” Bill requests.
You know clash #100487 and know it will take you a maximum of 5 minutes. You open SPR…NO LICENSE! You hollar on over to Aaron that you need a licence and to tell you when he’s out. Aaron says okay and to give him a minute. So you mozy on over to the coffee machine but stop off on the way back to say hello to Irene and the team. Turns out Irene had a great weekend and is looking forward to the upcoming weekend’s events. Jason asks you about the inner workings of a faulty compression hinge on the pfitzer valve of his 96 Ford Explorer. 45 minutes later, you sit back down, look at your screen, remember you have to pee. You get back feeling relieved, check Facebook then remember what you were doing before you left.


For a moment, you consider yelling over to Aaron but he’s not there and you notice it’s now 11:28AM and close enough to lunch that eh, you’re feeling kind of hungry or at least you will be by the time you get to where ever you’re going. You debate with your work/lunch buddy(s) for 15 minutes weighing the pros and cons of each choice compared to “how you’re feeling that day”. After careful consideration of all 6 options, you and your friends decide on what was your original suggestion and head on out to that place you don’t really love but it’s closer than anything else and you will probably feel full when you get back so what the hell.


You return from lunch with a renewed sense of purpose. You sit down and prepare to unclash like no one has ever unclashed before in the history of unclashing. Then you hear it.
“DAMMIT HARRIS, WHY HAVEN’T YOU FIXED CLASH #100487 YET?!” the normally chill Mr. David yells in anger.
You look at the clock with the same sense of panic you feel when you wake up at 7:50 and have to be in the office for a 8:00 AM. It’s now 1:30PM. Your 11 minute task that started at 10:43AM has yet to be started and you begin to feel like you may have made a judgement error. The adrenaline now pumping through your veins allows you to finish the 11 minute task in 4 minutes. A new record.


Mr. David calls you in his office. It’s Friday and you’re not considering that being called into your managers office on Friday afternoon might be a bad thing. With tears in his eyes Bill says “Sorry Joel, we’re going to have to let you go. You just took too long to work out that clash. I mean you’re super smart and super talented and you always come through in the clutch and everything but Joel…that clash. It just took…too long”.
“But sir” Joel responds in disbelief, “I…I tried but there wasn’t a license…Aaron was using it and I asked him…” he stops as his regret begins to overtake his shock.
Bill holds up his hand forcing Joel to pause “It is done, Joel. Good luck to ya”. Joel feels the presence of the HR rep behind him. He stands, turns, and begins his walk of shame.

1 Month Later

Joel now wanders the streets. Out of work, out of money, family and lunch friends now just a distant memory. Why, because he didn’t know Navisworks Manage 2015 and 2016 now support VUE files!!

Don’t let what happened to Joel, happen to you. Tell your manager, your IT group, the project manager, whoever will listen that you need this super easy to use and install add on. Thank you.

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About the Author

About the Author: Hi! I am currently an Autodesk Solutions Engineer working to deliver real time solutions to our Enterprise customers. I have been involved with industrial design software for nearly 15 years and am a 3DS Max Professional who is passionate about design visualization. .


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  1. Guido Lieven says:

    It would be great if Autodesk also can use the VUE File from CADWorx 2015. We tried it with Smartplant Review and it works perfect but Navisworks show an error that this is not a native SP3D File. If ADSK add this it would be great for both parties

    • Roger Rapp says:

      Navisworks already supports CADworx models, as well as many other formats. So I suggest trying to load those CADworx models directly into Navisworks without exporting them to VUE files. The new VUE File Reader is meant to provide the ability to read SP3D/S3D model data, not CADworx data.

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