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Autodesk Stingray: How to batch replace materials with Windows PowerShell

By on June 7, 2016 in Autodesk Stingray, Featured, News with 0 Comments


So you just imported a Revit model into Stingray and you have 500 objects that you have to replace the material on but you don’t want to drag n drop a material 500 times? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here’s one way you can do this:

Copy the following text into a new text file. Save the file as replace.ps1

param( [string]$Find, [string]$Replace, [string]$Path )
gci -Path $Path -recurse | foreach{ (gc $_) -replace $Find,$Replace | sc $_ }

Next, identify the source material name and replacement material name

  • /content/materials/mySourceMaterial
  • /content/materials/myReplaceMaterial

Open up Windows PowerShell as Administrator

  • CD to replace.ps1 directory and type
 ./replace "/content/materials/mySourceMaterial" "/content/materials/myReplaceMaterial" "C:/the/path/to/my/project/*<partial file name if neccessary>*.<file extension>" 


An issue you might encounter is an error saying that you cannot run unsigned scripts. In that case do the following:

In PowerShell type:

set-executionpolicy remotesigned

If your company has this locked down, I am not sure what the work around is. If anyone knows, please comment. Thanks!

Final thought

Obviously this has far reaching applications outside of Stingray as you may use it to batch replace text in any readable file format. Let us know how you’re using it!

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