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  • Plant 3D 2012 Isometric Splitting

    I have been trying to get a rather small pipe run to display in 1 isometric. When the isometric is generated it is broken up into 3 different isometric drawings. I have tried to adjust the congestion slider with no results. The check box for force iso to one sheet also produces no results.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in Advance

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    I've ran into this before and here's what I've found... If you switch to wireframe display mode and turn on the weld point display (new button in 2012 up on the ribbon bar) you can see the little red dots in-between the pipe and fittings. If you window select one of those little dots you'll see it's a "Connector" and does have a Line Number Tag property.

    In the process of selecting, erasing, and moving pipe it's possible to get one of those connectors set to "Unassigned" or assigned to a completely different pipe run. When that happens, the Isometric generation code doesn't know what to do with it. So it throws it out onto it's own sheet.

    One of the best ways to troubleshoot this is to use the 'Append to Selection' feature. You can select a single pipe or component belonging to the line number you need to verify then use the 'connected by line number' or 'entire line number' and visually check the pipe run from start to end.


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      That is exactly what happened. Somehow the parts were not "connected" and showed up on several pages. I actually had to reroute the section of pipe that had become disconnected.

      Thanks for the Help