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  • SP3D Custom Command (Test Request)

    Attachment is my custom command for conventional search/report/attribute management with Excel.

    Extract and copy SP3DOBJSearch.ocx to local HDD, then register by regsvr32.

    Run custom command "SP3DOBJSearch.Search_Object" with active view.
    Tested with 2009.1, 2011SP1 and 2011R1 both MSSQL and Oracle.(Sorry, older version is not supported.:cool

    How to use will be followed.

    2015.07.21 Updated
    Ver. 0.6.51

    For 2011SP1,2011R1,2014,2014R1 (One zip file) Link

    Sample SQL Files

    Newly Added(from Ver 0.3.01)
    2010.12.21 updated (Access 2003 format)

    SP3DIsoLink/SP3DDWGLink (no change)

    Link to SQL search library

    Link to SQL attribute library
    For SP3D Ver. 2009.SP1 (Version 0.6.28 no more update this version)

    For SP3D/SM3D Ver. 2009.1 (Version 0.6.49 no more update this version)
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    Thank you, i will try it....


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      Basic how to use of search function is;
      1)Select class name in the combobox and click Search button. All class object will be listed in the grid view.
      2)Click item in the grid view will change select set of SP3D.
      3) Double click item in the grid view will fit graphic view to the item.
      4)Right click item in the grid view will open property(run as high priority command and closing property form returns to the grid view).

      a)Input part of item tag in the textbox next to the Search button results in conditinal search of Name.
      b)Check "Search by attribute value" and select interface/attribute and set value results in conditional search by any one property.
      c)Click right half of status bar will switch search condition from/to whole plant / current workspace.
      d)If you want to search different type of object not listed in basic combobox, switch from basic to detail. Then input part of class name in the text box next to filter button. Then click filter. You can find any target class in the combobox.
      e) Or switch to "From BO Tree" tab and select class from Tree view.
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        Ver 0.02 is released.
        Several bug fix and improvement.

        Now you can customize basic class selection combo box.
        Select a target class by switching "detail" then right-click detail option label and execute "Add to basic" menu.
        Or switch to "From BO Tree" tab and select BO class from tree and right-click class name then execute "Add to basic" menu.

        To reset customized class information, right-click basic option label and execute "Initialize Basic Class".
        Default basic class is Equipment, Pipe Line, Pipe Run, Instrument and Speciality.


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          How to use No.2: Excel List export and customize index.

          After searching, the search result can be exported as Excel list. (Excel 2003 or higher is required.)

          Simply click "Export" button. New Excel work book with SP3D **** List sheet will be created.(**** is class name)
          By default, A column(hidden column) is oid which is unique key in the database. This column is very important to create report/ import attribute etc.
          B column is item name.
          From C column, only index of basic attributes of its class will be added. If you click "Export" button with "Add common att" option off, index will not be added.
          Index consists from 3 rows. 1st row is interface name, 2nd row is attribute name and 3rd row is user attribute name.
          These information also required for following step(create report/ import attribute etc.)
          You can customize index by select interface in the combo box and click "Add IF" button or select attribute in the combo box and "Add Att" button.
          You can delete index columns which is not required for reporting purpose.

          Meaning of color of index rows is.
          Pink:read only attribute.
          Green: Code list type attribute
          Light green: Other type of attribute.

          For attribute column with code list type. Input validation is automatically set.


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            How to use No.3: Advanced Index definition using relation analyzer

            Most of case, reporting direct attribute is not enough. You may need more attributes of relational object.
            For example, piping component has relation to catalog object, feature, parent pipe run etc.
            Such relation can be analyzed with my tool.
            Simply select any cell in the Excel list exported by my tool then click "Get" button or copy and paste oid to text box.
            All relation will become available in the first combo box.
            Select any relation which you need attribute. Then select interface and click "Add IF" button or select attribute and click "Add Att" button.

            Attribute index will be added to Excel sheet with relation information as note in the 1st row.

            Now you are ready to go to Export/Import step.
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              Ver 003 is posted.
              Several bug fix and improvements.

              Press Ins key in the search result grid will add object to workspace.
              Press Del key in the search result grid will delete object.



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                Hi, Tim!!Very useful custom command!!Great work!!
                Can I export to excel only selected in the search result grid objects?
                Can I import information about isometric drawings property


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                  Loban, thanks for your feedback.

                  New version 0.04 posted.

                  For selected export, simply Ctrl+C on the grid and paste it to blank Excel sheet.
                  To import isometric drawing property, additional DLL(DWGCustom.dll) is required. copy to same location and register it with regsvr32.
                  isometric drawing property is not direct property of isometric sheet.
                  Use "Analyze Relation" and add property from there.(See attached picture)


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                    New version 0.04 posted.

                    <New feature>
                    Main form is now height-resizable.(Double click Search tab will restore original height)
                    Excel link function is improved.(right-click on Excel sheet will open property. Double-click will cut link. Main form will be hidden while Excel link established.)
                    Menu register function.(Right-click Search tab and execute add to menu.) The custom command will be called from Edit-Find menu or simply Ctrl+F short cut key.
                    Right-click grid will open drawing / report when object type is drawing/report(Iso, Ortho etc.)
                    Double-click grid will fit corresponding piping object when object is Iso.
                    Ctrl+A on the grid will switch to Analyze Relation and run.
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                      [QUOTE=tim;18216]Loban, thanks for your feedback.

                      New version 0.04 posted.

                      To import isometric drawing property, additional DLL(DWGCustom.dll) is required. copy to same location and register it with regsvr32.

                      Hi, Tim! It's all ok, but there are no DWGCustom.dll in attaching archive. Upload this file please.


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                        Separate file ( available in my original post.


                        • xpdc75
                          xpdc75 commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Dear TIm ..why I' m download ( I got this file "fetch" not dwgcustom.dll..

                          ok already download I got thanks..
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                        Thanks, have found


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                          For the purpose of Moniker export button.


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                            New version 0.05 posted.

                            <New Feature>
                            Isometric drawing-3D model synchronize function.
                            1)Place SP3DIsolink.dll in the same location as SP3DOBJSearch.ocx.(No register required.)
                            2)Display Iso on the grid.
                            3)Open Iso by right click on the grid.(If drawing file does not exists, nothing will happen.)
                            4)Click SmartSketch button on left bottom of the form.(sync start)
                            Left-click any piping component on th Iso, corresponding object will be fit in the SP3D active view.
                            Right-click will open property.
                            5)Double click on the Iso sheet will quit sync.