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    Do we need any licence to run this program like Smartplant P&ID or can we directly install Smartsketch into our Personal Computer?

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    Smartsketch is a licenced product


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      SmartSketch is not needed to run SmartPlant P&ID
      They are 2 different products, based on the same RAD kernel.
      -> SmartSketch is a CAD pakket
      -> SmartPlant P&ID is Database driven: the drawing is just a Database Report and Interface, so you need an Oracle (or SQL) database up and running.

      For SmartSketch you could download a 30-trial

      For SmartPlant P&ID you can make a "test Drive"

      If that is not sufficient, you would have to Buy or Rent (aka Lease) licenses.


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        @Patrick INGR gives Smartsketch in 2 ways. They had 2 serial keys use for installation, one is with SPLM and other without SPLM.
        Do you know how Smartsketch trial works? do they give license key to be used in existing SPLM or is it non SPLM version?


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          Hi Smartman,
          you're right about the 2 ways.

          The Trial is kind of a 3rd way, I think it was a seperate compiled .exe
          It really is a 30-trial of an older version (5.0, 5.1 or 2007, I do not know without trying)
          where you do not need to enter a Serial Number, or where a serial number is send to you by E-mail.
          But it's been years that I downloaded it, so I cant't remember.

          There is also a 4th way, if you buy SmartPlant Review, with the "Drawing Generator" option, you get a SmartSketch included (also SPLM) that you have to install with the serial number of SmartPlant Review.

          What can you loose by tring the download ?


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            @Patrick , Thanks for detailed info. I also never tried trial as we always had it with us.

            But Ronaldo81 must have got his answers with all options here